The Best Way to Register Attendees through an Event Planning App

The Best Way to Register Attendees through an Event Planning App 1

Onsite registration remains to be one of the most challenging parts of any big event. With the influx of registered attendees to any venue, it can get difficult to handle small groups of interested participants who would also want to become part of the event. For this reason, event managers have been seeking for effective mobile applications that will allow easier onsite registrations. Here are three tips for your research if you are looking for an event planning app:

  1. Look for an onsite registration app that pairs with check-in.

There are many software providers who have created a check-in app with onsite registration functionality. This is an advantageous combo since it allows both processes to be enjoyed in one mobile application. A check-in app practically allows you or your staff members to read tickets and manually confirm the attendance of registered guests. On the other hand, a registration function makes it easier for last-minute registrants to log their user details. If it is a paid event, they may simply pay by cash or their credit card after filling out all fields in the registration app.

  1. Create registration and check-in kiosks.

If you are short-handed on the day of your event, you may opt for a DIY registration and check-in process for your attendees. This is quite manageable since all you need are secured tablets and a mobile application that runs both registration and check-in. You may station kiosks at the entrance of your venue such that attendees will simply have to queue up for their turn to use any available tablet or iPad. As long as the interface of the app is easy to manipulate, this DIY process can become very straightforward and your attendees will not have any problem proceeding to the next step: claiming their badges. If you are curious as to how the said mobile app works, read more on event management app.

  1. Assist attendees in all processes related to registration.

If it’s possible, you should hire the most number of staff members possible to assist attendees with registration and check-in. If you are anticipating hundreds to thousands of activities, it will be very chaotic if you leave attendees to fend off for themselves. Some of them may have questions and special requests so it always pays to have your staff on standby. You may also direct attendees to the correct areas for check-in, registration, and claiming of badges through ushers whose main responsibility is to keep human traffic at bay.

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