3 Additional Perks of a Web-based Conference Registration Software

3 Additional Perks of a Web-based Conference Registration Software 1

A web-based conference registration software has a lot of functions that you may enjoy as an event organiser. If you continually host professional conferences, you’d be aware that attendee management can be difficult if you’re expecting a lot of people. This is where the role of the registration software comes in. Through this type of technology, you may focus on other important aspects of your event since registration, and its associated processes, are automated and become error-free.

Here are three main perks ofusing a event registration software:

  1. Paper submission

For academic or professional conferences, paper or abstracts submission is a staple process to generate discussions during the event. Through a web-based conference registration software, you may allow attendees to attach their papers while registering. This will make it easier for a panel of judges to decide which researchers are presenting their abstracts on the day of the event. Your registrants may choose to attach any file type, such as a Word document or a PDF, and it will be logged along with their user details.

  1. Badge management

Secondly, a web-based conference registration software may integrate with your badge management system. Since you already have attendee data logged in the software, creating badges becomes an easy task. As long as you have the badge template ready, the software will automatically export data to the template for you to save files for printing. On the day of your event, you will simply hand out printed badges to attendees as they check-in for your event. You may assign different delegate types on the badge templates and sort attendees during check in.

  1. Links to networking tools

Last but not the least, a web-based conference registration software may integrate data with networking tools such as matchmaking solutions or online communities for your attendees. Networking is an important process in any conference since your attendees would want to meet prospective people whom they can work with in the future. In business conferences, for example, your attendees would want to network with people who may be their next business partners or clients. Through data integration with the software, your attendees will have access to your guest list and do activities like in-app messaging through a mobile app or participate in online communities where all event attendees become automatic members.

A web-based conference registration software is usually part of an umbrella of event management software products. Try to expand your research as you look for the right software provider.

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