6 Innovations Found in Conference Registration Software

Being on the lookout for innovations in conference registration software is necessary for event organisers to always stay on top of their game. While an event management software is no longer considered new technology, there are always new features popping up in different platforms as the events industry moves forward with technological trends.

If you have been meaning to invest in a solution but have not made up your mind yet, knowing these six features may help you narrow down your choices to arrive at the best event management software:

  1. Ticketing VS Registration with Conference Event Registration Software.

A good conference event registration software would make a distinction between ticketing and registration. Ticketing is mostly geared for the entertainment, sport, or charity side of events. On the other hand, registration takes a more specific function in a sense that it leads to streamlining software components needed to run professional events like corporate meetings and conferences. Depending on the types of event you organise, it is recommended that you invest in a conference registration software that becomes all-inclusive for your event planning needs.

  1. Integrations with Conference Registration Online Software.

A conference registration online software should have integration capabilities. This is important in a sense that the software has to be part of your company’s ecosystem and communicate flawlessly with other event management tools. Examples of verticals that may be integrated with your software are marketing automation, customer relationship management (CRM), and travel management among many others. Specifically, third-party software solutions such as Gmail, Google Docs, Evernote, Trello, Asana, and Dropbox can also be integrated with some conference registration software today.

  1. Software for Conference Registration with Event ROI Tools.

A software for conference registration should ideally have event ROI tools. ROI stands for return of investments and is an important financial aspect to look out for when managing events. When a software has ROI tools, it will give you the ability to measure the performance of your event and take specific action to reach your goals and ultimately generate more profits. This can be done through reporting and analytics that may be found in a conference registration software.

  1. Awards Management with a Web-based Conference Registration Software.

For many types of events, a web-based conference registration software that supports awards management may be necessary. It is typical to hold awards competitions or contests, and thus automating the process will greatly help event organisers to set mechanics, receive submissions, facilitate evaluations by judges as well as print detailed reports. Imagine the convenience of simply printing out the winners’ list for your competitions after you have set up the parameters through the conference registration software.

  1. RFID Based Cashless Payments System with Conference Registration Software Online.

Some conference registration software online providers are trying to optimise a RFID-based cashless payment system for vendors at any event. Through this, attendees are given the chance to purchase event merchandise without having to bring cash or their credit cards. Furthermore, RFID technology can also be integrated in wearables such that attendees will simply have to swipe an event lanyard or bracelet through a reader when entering the venue. This eliminates the need for check-in staff or printing out of tickets.

  1. White Label Conference Registration Software.

Last but not the least, you may want to invest in a white label event management software. This basically means that the software is brandable and thus you can integrate your own company logo and label into it. Non-brandable software can be confusing for attendees, especially when they try to register online and see the software name instead of your company name on the registration form. Branding the conference registration software according to your company will also allow you to build your reputation since attendees will come to know how convenient it is to register for your events.

In Conclusion

While looking for a conference registration software may be a demanding task, remember that it all boils down to your needs as an event organiser.

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In the event industry, there is no one-size-fits-all solution and it is important that you invest in a software that is scalable and which can be easily customised to meet your preferences. There are many providers out there who are willing to personalise their solutions in order for you to truly reap the benefits of automating various processes related to the event lifecycle.

The features mentioned in this article constitute the tip of an iceberg. An event management software encompasses so many processes in event management, and registration is only one part of it. A reliable software will be able to help you in aspects such as project management, budget management, and event management. Some software also specialise in venue management which would allow end-users to book available venues, choose foods and drinks from a menu, and arrange travel and accommodations for their attendance.

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